Is it safe to buy electronics from Chinese websites?

Asked a year ago

Hey. I was thinking about buying a new phone, and I found the one I like on a Chinese website for much less than what it costs in my country. However, my friend says I shouldn't be buying electronics from Chinese websites. Why? And why are phones cheaper on Chinese websites, are they fake?

Duncan Cherry

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

China is the home of global electronics production. This means that there is high competition to sell their products, as well as reduced/ no middlemen between you and the manufacturer. Due to the competition in direct contact, prices of Chinese-made electronics are cheaper when bought directly from online Chinese stores.

The concern with these stores is that there are countless counterfeit websites, as well as suppliers that sell low-quality or knockoff products.

Make sure you do some solid research on the store you want to buy from. Take note of reviews on quality, returns, and logistics.

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