GeekBuying for Gadgets: A Legit Retailer or a Scam?

Many people have skeptical views of Chinese stores like GeekBuying. Discover the safety of this store and whether you should shop with them here.

Rob Elgar - Writer for CashYo
By Rob Elgar
Joel Taylor - Editor for CashYo
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published February 27, 2023.

When looking for cheap electronics, online Chinese stores such as GeekBuying are a popular go-to. However, among the vast variety of deals and options, there are countless counterfeit products and scam websites.

Geekbuying is an e-commerce store that focuses on Chinese electronics and gadgets at extremely low costs. This is appealing, but can they be trusted?

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What the Public Says About GeekBuying

The Bad

Customers are responsible for return shipping fees. This, in conjunction with a long refund process and slow customer service, has caused the majority of negative reviews to be linked to incorrect or broken products.

Customers have also reported being required to pay additional fees post-payment, due to incorrect or changing foreign exchange fees.

That said, when dealing with negative reviews on trusted review sites like Trustpilot, the GeekBuying team seems to be prompt and consistent in responding to each case.

The Good

The positive reviews of GeekBuying heavily outweigh the negatives on popular review sites. Recent reviews from happy customers celebrate the cheap prices and quick shipping times to receive their products.

Repeat customers often speak about the diversity in products and the options for shipping from different warehouses, which reduces shipping costs and delivery time.

Our Verdict: Should You Use GeekBuying?

Cheap gadget stores can come with a risk as you often get what you pay for, but for the most part, GeekBuying leaves its customers satisfied. Be sure to shop through CashYo to earn up to 6% cash back.