Top 7 Chinese Shopping Websites for Electronics

Rob Elgar - Writer for CashYo
By Rob Elgar
Joel Taylor - Editor for CashYo
Edited by Joel Taylor

Updated February 27, 2023.

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Turn just about any electronic product around to look at the label and you will likely see "Made in China". According to Henry Yeung from the National University of Singapore, China is estimated to manufacture more than half of the world's electronics.

For this reason, whether you own an e-commerce store, are shopping for pleasure, or are simply looking for new suppliers, it's always cheaper to avoid "middlemen" and go to the source. As they produce the majority of the world's electronics, it's a no-brainer to do your online electronics shopping from a Chinese electronics website.

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A Quick Look at Our Top 7

  1. AliExpress: Best for product diversity
  2. MiniIntheBox: Best product choice and site navigation
  3. BangGood: Cheapest delivery
  4. GearBest: Best customer service
  5. FocalPrice: Most unique products
  6. GeekBuying: Fastest shipping
  7. LightInTheBox: Best for rewards and discounts

1. AliExpress

  • Best for: Product diversity
Aliexpress home page


  • Massive diversity of products
  • Countless suppliers
  • Free shipping on many products
  • Direct contact with suppliers
  • No minimum order requirements


  • Difficult to tell counterfeit products from originals
  • Deal with 3rd-parties middlemen instead of wholesalers
  • Painstaking returns process
  • Slow shipping times

Shipping and Fees

There is no setup fee to use Aliexpress, all you will need to do is register with your email and pay for the products and shipping methods you choose. This makes the site perfect for gifts and AliExpress gift cards. If you are shipping from an international warehouse, customs fees may need to be manually paid, unless your shipping option has this covered for you.

If you live in an area that has a warehouse, you will be subject to a free return on problematic products, provided you can deliver the item to the corresponding location.

If there are no local warehouses, or your return is later than 15 days, the shipping will need to be covered by the customer.

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2. MiniInTheBox

  • Best for: Product choice and site navigation
MiniInTheBox Home Screen


  • Wide variety of electronic products
  • Easy return policy for damaged items
  • Simple to navigate and make purchases
  • Earn an automatic 1% back on every purchase


  • Mixed reviews about customer service
  • An extensive list of unreturnable items
  • Returned items will need to be shipped to China at the customer's cost
  • Products are of mixed quality
  • Difficult to distinguish between legitimate and fake products

Shipping and Fees

MiniInTheBox ships worldwide and to nearly every country on the globe. Because of this, the shipping fees can significantly differ, depending on your delivery address.

Shipping insurance and duty and tax insurance can also be added to your orders at an additional cost (this will differ according to the product and shipping destination).

In the case that you are charged tax upon the arrival of your product, and you have purchased tax insurance, MiniInTheBox will provide you with a 100% tax refund.

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3. BangGood

  • Best for: Cheap delivery
Banggood Home Screen


  • Multiple warehouses around the globe provide faster and cheaper deliveries
  • More secure than online stores that sell from 3rd-parties
  • Over 40 payment options, including cash on delivery
  • Automatic loyalty program


  • Sometimes slow to respond to customer service
  • Unpredictable shipping costs
  • Smaller variety of products
  • Items are returned at the customer's cost

Shipping and Fees

BangGood offers free shipping to some, but not all countries. They do not specify which countries or regions this is available to, and it comes down to the product you have chosen and the nearest warehouse.

A dropshipping program is also offered with no membership fee, where dropshippers will receive a 5% - 20% discount on some items.

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4. GearBest

  • Best for: Prompt customer service
Gearbest home page


  • Ships to most countries
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Cheaper than other online stores
  • Prompt customer service


  • Slow delivery time
  • Complicated and unreliable returns policy
  • Some complaints about accounts being closed and money/loyalty points lost

Shipping and Fees

GearBest is another Chinese online store that offers electronics at meager rates. They provide multiple shipping options, which, in some cases, are free. Standard shipping does not include tracking, but the additional cost of express shipping comes with tracking options.

GearBest takes zero responsibility for import tax, and this will be up to the customer to deal with. That said, some express shipping countries will calculate your import tax into the pricing.

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5. FocalPrice

  • Best for: Unique products
FocalPrice Home Screen


  • Interesting and unique products
  • Cheaper than similar competitors


  • Inconsistent customer service
  • Unreliable delivery times
  • Refunds and returns can be difficult
  • Only has warehouses in Hong Kong

Shipping and Fees

As with most online stores, the shipping costs of FocalPrice differ, depending on where you'll be shipping to. Since the company only has warehouses in Hong Kong, the shipping fees can be expected to be higher than other online stores with local distribution locations.

As for returns, FocalPrice requires customers to pay for return shipping, regardless of who was in the wrong. Although they will cover the shipping cost of getting the new or repaired item to you, the return shipping can easily surpass the cost of the original item.

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6. GeekBuying

  • Best for: Fast shipping
Geekbuying home page


  • Local warehouses provide fast shipping
  • Low shipping fees for local deliveries
  • Focuses on electronics


  • Product quality can vary
  • Website limits low-rating reviews
  • Refunds and returns can be difficult

Shipping and Fees

GeekBuying specializes in electronics, making them cheaper than many of their competitors. With multiple global warehouses, Geekbuying offers free shipping for products delivered from local warehouses.

For incorrect, damaged, or otherwise unwanted goods, the shipping costs of returning the item is on the customer; however, Geekbuying will cover the return shipping of your replacement product.

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7. LightInTheBox

  • Best for: Rewards and discounts
LightInTheBox Home Screen


  • Large product range
  • Options for slow, yet cheap shipping
  • Friendly and helpful customer service


  • Product quality can vary greatly
  • Refunds and returns are expensive and not always honored
  • Shipping is often slower than indicated
  • The site is not 100% user-friendly

Shipping and Fees

Apart from expected shipping fees, LightInTheBox does not have any additional costs. That said, there are multiple shipping options at checkout, some of which are slower, cheaper, and non-inclusive of tracking.

Additionally, all return shipping is at the cost of the customer, unless parcel insurance has been purchased at checkout. VAT and import tax are also the customer's responsibility; however, import insurance can be purchased to streamline this process.

What makes LighInTheBox stand out is its unique VIP program, where customers can pay an annual membership fee for additional discounts, account managers, free samples, and more. There are four tiers of the VIP membership at the following costs:

  • Gold: $20
  • Platinum: $50
  • Business: $100
  • Diamond: $150

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Final Thoughts

Going directly to a Chinese online store is often the cheapest way to get new electronics delivered anywhere in the world. That said, convenience and product diversity remains major drawing points, which is why it's often worth browsing for the cheapest Chinese sites for quality goods and services.