13 Cheapest Chinese Shopping Websites for Quality Products

Buying from Chinese shopping websites is a great way to save cash and get products straight from the source. Here are the 14 cheapest websites you should visit.

Daniël de Jager - Writer for CashYo
By Daniël de Jager
Joel Taylor - Editor for CashYo
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Updated January 17, 2023.

Woman scanning delivery code with her phone after receiving a package from China

When buying products from local stores near you, you're often buying products that store imported from China. With Chinese products increasing in quality by the day, you likely can't tell the difference between imported and locally-made. Going directly to the supplier using a Chinese e-commerce store is a great way to save money and get cashback at the same time! Here are the 14 cheapest Chinese shopping websites that sell everything under the sun and more.

A Quick Look at Our Top 13

  1. AliExpress: Best product diversity
  2. Banggood: Best customer support
  3. DHgate: Best for small-to-medium businesses
  4. Geekbuying: Best for getting gadgets delivered fast
  5. Dealextreme: Best for daily tech and gadget deals
  6. Gearbest: Best for all kinds of home gadgets
  7. ROMWE: Best for fashion targeting the younger generation
  8. Shein: Cheapest fashion for all ages
  9. Newchic: Best fashion cosmetics and décor
  10. Tidebuy: Best for wedding fashion
  11. StrawberryNET: Best for diverse cosmetics and perfume
  12. Samsonite: Best for quality luggage
  13. SmartBuyGlasses: Best for designer-quality eyeglasses

1. AliExpress

  • Best for: Product diversity
AliExpress website


  • Great for buying individual items or smaller quantities
  • Escrow service available
  • Huge variety of products


  • Dealing with middlemen and not directly with manufacturers
  • Pricing is higher than wholesale websites
  • Hard to distinguish legit products from counterfeits

AliExpress is undeniably the king of Chinese online shopping. Owned by Alibaba Group, China's e-commerce giant, AliExpress is offered as a store for individual items or small wholesale lots straight to the customer, and sell products in every category from fashion to gadgets to sports equipment.

Shipping and Fees

AliExpress ships worldwide, with most products shipping for free. Customers must beware of customs fees when importing products from stores like AliExpress unless they're shipping from local warehouses.

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2. Banggood

  • Best for: Customer support
Banggood website


  • Safer and more secure shopping with peace of mind
  • Well-rated and long-standing retailer
  • Free shipping for orders over $50


  • More expensive than the big competition
  • Smaller variety of products than some competitors
  • Some customers recently reported issues claiming warranties

Banggood is an online retail website for buying gadgets, electronics, and home goods. Banggood is focused on providing a better service and user experience to the customer since they'll be dealing directly with the platform instead of third-party sellers who may sell counterfeit, defective, or scam items.


As with most Chinese e-commerce stores, Banggood ships to major regions like North America, Europe, and Asia. Shipping is slightly more expensive than the competition, but this is because their shipping service is much better, and even offers free shipping for orders over $50.

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3. DHgate

  • Best for: Small-to-medium businesses
DHgate website


  • Wide variety of products from small to medium suppliers
  • Simplified product logistics from seller to buyer
  • Included escrow service


  • Expensive seller fees raise prices for customers
  • Many middlemen posing as manufacturers

DHgate is a trade and service platform for small to medium retailers targeting both B2B and B2C markets. Although similar to competitors like AliExpress and Banggood, it provides small and medium enterprises selling nearly every type of product a platform to connect with customers.


DHgate ships worldwide through its cross-border logistics company DHLink, although it has recently become expensive shipping to regions like the EU.

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4. GeekBuying

  • Best for: Getting gadgets delivered fast
GeekBuying website


  • Fast shipping from local warehouses in the EU, USA, Australia, and more
  • Low shipping costs
  • Wide variety of electronics


  • Customers report shady practices (disallowing reviews under 5 stars)
  • Customers report not receiving high-quality products and no refunds

GeekBuying, as it may be obvious from the name, is an online store that focuses on "geeks" looking to buy Chinese consumer gadgets and electronics.


Geekbuying ships worldwide from its various local warehouses. Shipping is free and inexpensive when shipped from a local warehouse without customs duty.

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5. Dealextreme

  • Best for: Daily tech and gadget deals
DealeXtreme website


  • Wider variety of electronics than similar gadget stores
  • Free standard shipping on most products
  • Direct-to-consumer shopping


  • Long support response times (if they do respond)
  • More expensive than competitors
  • Longer shipping times

Dealextreme is another gadget website selling consumer electronics from China. As a B2C retailer, they sell directly to the customer through a claimed 400 suppliers.


Dealextreme's shipping is usually free and offers optional expedited delivery, although online reports from customers state their orders still take very long to arrive.

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6. Gearbest

  • Best for: All kinds of home gadgets
Gearbest website


  • Warehouses in major regions
  • Good track record (before their bankruptcy in 2021)


  • Product variety and service quality drastically reduced after relaunch
  • Limited product range

Relaunched in 2022 after some financial trouble, Gearbest is a consumer electronics company selling various gadgets and devices as well as some home and sports items.


Gearbest ships to most countries in the world (except South Sudan and Palestine) from warehouses in China, Europe, and the USA with free standard shipping or more expensive expedited shipping.

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  • Best for: Fashion targeting the younger generations
ROMWE website


  • Responsive and competent customer service
  • Great value for money
  • Wide range of chic and cute fashion


  • Product sizing and quality vary greatly
  • More expensive than competitors like SHEIN

ROMWE, marketed as a "cyber fashion mall", is an online fashion store and clothing brand with a massive variety of clothing and accessories that create aesthetics focused on younger generations.


ROMWE offers free shipping worldwide for orders over $19, with options for faster shipping.

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  • Best for: Cheap fashion for all ages
SHEIN website


  • Caters to both older and younger generations
  • Cheaper than most competition
  • Wide variety of trends and designs


  • Questionable ethical practices
  • Lax quality controls

SHEIN is a fast fashion retailer from China offering great products at affordable prices. It offers a wide variety of colors, designs, cuts, patterns, and styles at affordable prices.


SHEIN offers quick and cheap shipping worldwide, with free shipping on orders over $49.

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9. Newchic

  • Best for: Fashion cosmetics and décor
Newchic website


  • Works with brands to create unique clothes
  • Active support available to resolve issues


  • More expensive than competitors
  • Quality varies between products and brands

Newchic is an online fashion store selling clothing, cosmetics, and even home décor. The store collaborates with several brands to promote diversity, inclusion, and creativity.


Newchic offers free shipping for orders over $69.99, with inexpensive faster shipping.

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10. Tidebuy

  • Best for: Wedding fashion
Tidebuy website


  • Wide variety of dresses, especially for weddings
  • Numerous deals and discounts


  • Product quality and design often different than shown in images
  • Free shipping only over $159
  • Difficulty obtaining refunds

Tidebuy is a fashion e-commerce store with a specific focus on wedding and occasion dresses as well as wigs and shoes.


Tidebuy offers free shipping over $159 with paid expedited options, but they ship from China so expect to pay customs duties as with other nonlocal websites.

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11. StrawberryNET

  • Best for: Diverse cosmetics and perfumes
StrawberryNET website


  • Useful discount points program
  • Low prices, even for brand names


  • Website is often clunky and unintuitive
  • Colors can be inconsistent

StrawberryNET is a cosmetics and perfume e-commerce store offering beauty at a discount. They stock both Asian and western brands of various products.


StrawberryNET ships to over 190 countries worldwide with free shipping over $50 and options for expedited delivery.

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12. Samsonite

  • Best for: Quality luggage
Samsonite website


  • High-quality products
  • Excellent after-sales service and warranties


  • Premium models are expensive
  • Some models lack modern features

Samsonite is a premium luggage brand manufacturing everything from large suitcases to briefcases. Originally founded in the USA, it has since moved manufacturing to China for profitability reasons.


Samsonite offers free shipping for orders over $149.99 from its US warehouse. Other countries can only receive products if they have a local Samsonite website and warehouse.

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13. SmartBuyGlasses

  • Best for: Designer-quality eyeglasses


  • Good service that is well-rated by customers
  • Virtual Try-On makes it easy to see how a frame looks on your face
  • Affordable pricing for quality eyewear


  • Stock tracking is sometimes inconsistent
  • Shipping times from China are overpromised

SmartBuyGlasses sells prescription eyewear straight without requiring customers to pay high optometrist fees. Offering everything from designer frames to contact lenses, the company focuses on making quality eye care affordable.


SmartBuyGlasses generally offers free shipping from 4 warehouses in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA, although it appears most products ship from the Asian warehouse in China.

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Final Thoughts

If you're looking at importing Chinese products to save some cash, then the e-commerce space is the place to be. The hardest part will be to decide which website to choose. Remember to order through CashYo where you can get cashback on orders from all of the above websites and more.