Are there any additional import taxes when purchasing electronics from Chinese websites?

Asked a year ago

Hey all. So, I would like to buy some electronics from this Chinese website I like. I've ordered from it before and I never had any additional fees, but I've never bought electronics. The items I'm interested in are a bit more expensive, so I was wondering if the customs might charge me more for it.

Could anybody tell me more about the customs duty and import fees?

Wade Tyson

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Yes, if the electronics you purchased are worth over $800 (the De Minimis value), then you'll have to pay an import tax (usually 6% for electronics) and possibly some other duties. There is also a harbor maintenance fee (0.125%) if your product arrives by sea and a Merchandise Processing Fee ($2.22, $6.66, or $9.99).

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