How can I find verified and reliable sellers for electronics on AliExpress?

Asked a year ago

My girlfriend's birthday is coming up soon, and I wanted to surprise her with a new e-book reader because the one she has doesn't have backlight. Apparently, it's a big deal in the world of bookworms. So, anyway, I don't want to get scammed, since e-readers aren't exactly cheap.

So, how do I make sure the seller I'm buying from is legit?

Adam Anderson

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

It's so easy to get lost in the sea of options for reputable suppliers when it comes to platforms like AliExpress.

Although there is no real way to know your products will be good quality when they arrive, there are a few things that can increase the chances:

  • Go with a brand you trust
  • Read product descriptions to ensure they correspond with the original trusted product, as well as for any misleading information
  • Pay attention to the seller's rating
  • Read the comments, looking out for delays in shipping, complaint problems, bad seller communication, and low-quality products

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