How do I make a complaint about defective electronics purchased from AliExpress?

Asked a year ago

My dad bought 2 phones from AliExpress, and they arrived 3 days ago. However, neither of them works, they just won't turn on. We took them to the local phone technician who said they are defective, and there's nothing he can do to fix them.

Basically, we can't use them, and we don't know if they got damaged during delivery or if they were simply sent that way. Can I report this, and how do I file a claim about this problem?

Misael Oneal

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

AliExpress has a buyers protection policy that is put in place for situations such as yours.

To log a complaint or request for a replacement you will need to first contact the seller and explain your situation (this can be done under the "My orders" tab. You will need to provide proof of the problem, and then request a solution from the seller (refund, discount, repair, etc.).

If you don't find a solution with the supplier then you can escalate the situation by opening a dispute with AliExpress customer service.

Keep in mind that you may still be liable for any additional shipping costs, so be sure to take note of the suggested solutions.

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