Does Expedia offer travel insurance?

Asked a year ago

Good day to you all,

I recently heard about Expedia, and I am interested in booking a family vacation through them. But before I do so, I'd like to know more about them. Do they offer any kind of travel insurance? If they do, what does it cover? Can I add the insurance to my plan after booking, or do I have to choose it first?

But also, in case I decide against it, what would happen if our flight got canceled without travel protection? Sorry if that's a bit too many questions, but thank you for answering.

Daniël de Jager

Daniël de Jager

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Expedia offers travel insurance while you are booking your trip, but its benefits are poor for the price. You're better off using a specialized travel insurance provider in your country. If your flight is canceled without flight protection, your airline usually has to refund you but this is sometimes problematic.

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