Is there a rewards or loyalty program for frequent travelers on

Asked a year ago

I am very passionate about traveling - I go somewhere new at least once every few months. Of course, this isn't exactly cheap, which is why I'm always looking for additional ways to reduce my expenses.

Basically, I am looking for an agency/company/platform that rewards its most loyal travelers. A coworker suggested I look into, but I can't see much about rewards on their website. Could you tell me more about their loyalty reward system, assuming they do have one?

Rob Elgar

Rob Elgar

Friday, March 10, 2023 has a simple yet effective three-tier rewards program that rewards travelers for the more stays they book through the site.

All you need to do to access the first tier is to create a free account on the platform. Tier 2 is reached after booking 5 stays in 2 years. The third tier comes into effect after staying for 15 or more stays in 2 years. Tier 3 offers the following rewards:

  • 10–20% discounts
  • Free breakfasts on select stays
  • Free room upgrades on select stays
  • Priority support on all bookings

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