Do Hotels Take Cash or Do You Need a Credit Card?

Hotels are not required to take cash, but that doesn't mean that they don't. Find the best hotels offering cash payments here.

Daniël de Jager - Writer for CashYo
By Daniël de Jager
Joel Taylor - Editor for CashYo
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published March 28, 2023.

With so many different hotels in different places, all with varying payment policies, it's often difficult to figure out how you should pay for your stay. The added dimension of online bookings through third parties only makes it more ambiguous, so we're here to help you figure it out.

When Do You Pay After Booking a Hotel Online?

Payment typically occurs immediately after booking a hotel online or on the day you're scheduled to check in. This payment can be done through digital payment methods such as credit card, debit card, bank transfer, PayPal, or gift card, which differs from walk-ins where you can pay by cash or card (often with the choice of paying before you check in or after you check out).

Some hotels give you the hybrid option of reserving a room online and only paying when you arrive.

When Can You Pay Cash for Hotel Bookings?

In the USA, hotels are not federally obligated to accept cash payments as long as they communicate this beforehand. Most hotels in the USA and worldwide will still accept cash but require an extra night's deposit, personal identification, and sometimes a credit or debit card as security.

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Hotels That Allow Cash Payments

  1. Some IHG Hotels & Resorts locations
  2. Some Hilton Hotels & Resorts locations
  3. Radisson (Country Inn)
  4. Most Hyatt Hotels locations
  5. Fairfield by Marriott
  6. Extended Stay America
  7. Motel 6 (Studio 6)
  8. InTown Suites
  9. Red Roof Inn
  10. Most smaller, privately-owned hotels accept cash, as well as many budget or economy chains

Most of the above still require extras like a credit card to book a stay, even if it isn't used for payment. In the end, it's best to call ahead and make sure the hotel you plan to stay at accepts cash and whether they have any extra requirements.

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