Is Legit and Safe? is a popular travel and reservation platform offering accommodation, flights, and local transport. Find out the safety here.

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Updated March 28, 2023. is one of the largest online travel agencies. Through their app or website, it's possible to search for and book flights, accommodation, taxis, and rental cars all from a single platform.

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Reliability of Reservations on is a well-trusted booking site that keeps the interests of its customers as its foremost priority.

Payment Options offers an extensive range of payment of secure payment options such as credit and debit cards, global payment methods such as PayPal and Google pay, as well as debited payments through PayPal Credit or Klarna. It is also possible to hold your payment until you reach your hotel.

Cancellation Policy

Each hotel sets its own cancellation and returns policy which is clearly displayed before confirming your booking. Most stays will allow for free cancellation up until a certain point before the booking.

Customer Protection

A user-based rating system helps guests find legitimate stays that are safe and reliable. Above this, offers a travelers safety guide to help secure the best booking for yourself.

Privacy and Security does not capture any of your data without your permission. When granted, they make use of your name, preferred contact details, the names of the people traveling with you, and your payment info. This can be saved on the site for future use or kept private. When needed, will share this information with the relevant third parties.

Is Legit?

I have personally used dozens of times, both as a customer as well as a seller, and am yet to have a problem. The site constantly offers great deals and quickly addresses any disputes.

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