How do I find pet-friendly hotels on

Asked a year ago

I have a Maltipoo I travel with - she is 5 years old, well-trained, socialized, clean, and housebroken. I've never had any issues with her, and I'm quite confident I never will. She has already accompanied me more than a few times, and she loves traveling.

I've started looking for new traveling opportunities, and I came across this website. It looks pretty cool so far, but I can't quite figure out how to see which hotels are pet-friendly. Is there a pet-friendly filter on

Daniël de Jager

Daniël de Jager

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Yes, there is a pet-friendly filter when searching for hotel stays at Just enter your search query and then scroll down the filter list on the left until you get to the Amenities section where you'll find a tick box for filtering by Pet-friendly.

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