What are some of the best cities in Europe to explore on foot?

Asked a year ago

I'm visiting Europe soon and I don't have a lot of budget for taxis but I'm anxious about pickpocketing in public transport, so I'd like to avoid it all and go on foot as much as possible. What are some of the most walkable cities in Europe where I can do a lot of sightseeing with minimum transport?

Arthur Ellis

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Many of Europe's countries are amazing to see on foot and to be honest, I feel that some of them are wasted if you make use of speedier transport.

Some of the best cities to explore on foot, that will offer you endless hours of spectacular sights include Venice (Italy), Athens (Greece), Florence ( Italy), Madrid (Spain), Tallinn (Estonia), and Stockholm (Sweden).

These are of course just a few of the many amazing cities around Europe that are worth exploring by foot, but they are some of my favorites and a good place to start!

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