What are world's largest online travel companies?

Asked a year ago

Hey all. I am close to getting my PhD, so as a personal reward, I am thinking about traveling the world for a few weeks. I could definitely use the break, and I generally prefer investing in experiences rather than things. I want to do this via OTAs, as I like the freedom and variety online agencies offer. Plus, I've heard great things about some of them, so I definitely think the advantages are worth it.

With that in mind, which online travel companies would you recommend? Which ones are the largest?

Daniël de Jager

Daniël de Jager

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

There are many online travel agencies (OTAs) out there and each one will offer its own pros and cons (for example, Agoda offers great deals for trips to Asia). Booking.com is the biggest OTA, followed by Airbnb, Trip.com, and Expedia. I recommend comparing pricing and benefits (including cancellation/change policies and fees).

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