What are some tips for earning the most cashback rewards when traveling?

Asked a year ago

Hi all, I'm interested in trying some travel cashback rewards programs and I'd appreciate some advice on how to make the most out of them. I'll be traveling a lot this summer so it would be the perfect opportunity to earn some cashback. How do I get more cashback rewards on my trips?

Zain Kane

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Take your time when choosing a cashback site, and stick to it. They often reward you with special deals and higher rewards for being loyal. This is also true for online travel booking sites that offer cashback rewards, which can often be combined with cashback website rewards.

You should also consider booking with a credit card that gives you cashback rewards (make sure that the rewards are still valid when using the cashback site).

Lastly, your aim is to maximize your cashback, and you do that by booking more through the site. Offer to book your friends and family's accommodation and flights, and allow them to pay you back later. This way you will reap the cashback rewards from their stays, as well as yours.

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