How does work when you book for a large group?

Asked a year ago

I want to organize a big family trip that would include about 15 people altogether. We've been planning it for a while, and we already set the time and destination. We just haven't picked our travel agency yet. Somebody recommended to me, which is why I'm interested in learning more about it.

Can it handle larger groups of people, or should we opt for local agents instead? Also, are bookings for a group of people cheaper (as in bundle discounts)?

Daniël de Jager

Daniël de Jager

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Yes, can handle any group size. When you enter your group size along with the location and dates, will only search for places that can host that amount of people. It is often cheaper to book in bulk like this since you'll usually benefit from some kind of discount.

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