How Much Does a 1-Month Trip to Europe Cost?

Planning a one-month trip to Europe? See how much you can expect your journey to cost.

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Published May 2, 2023.

The cost of a one-month trip to Europe will differ greatly depending on the countries you visit, the style of transport you use, the level of luxury to require, your activities, as well as the time of the year when you plan your trip to take place.

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What You Need to Pay for When Traveling to Europe

Although accurate assumptions are difficult, the following is a ballpark for a European holiday budget.


Low-budget accommodation in Europe will cost between $15 and $20, while luxury hotels see prices between $200 and $300 per night and above. Most midrange hotels in Europe will cost around $150 per night, although some countries such as Greece may be cheaper.

Resort and all-inclusive stays are also available for less money-conscious travelers.

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The cost of flights will vary depending on where you're flying from and your destination. For flights from the USA, you should expect to pay between $400 and $1000 for a return trip.

The most budget-friendly option for transport around Europe is by train. High-speed trains can cost over $100 per trip, while slower trains can cost half that price. As for getting around locally, public transport around European cities is usually $2–$3.

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Food & Drink

Cheap street food and fast food meals can cost between $10 and $20, while meals at a restaurant average at $15–$25. For more high-end restaurants, you can expect to pay $30 or more per meal.

Cooking by yourself is the cheapest way to eat and can be done for around $70 a week.


The prices for activities are difficult to approximate, as they differ greatly between countries. That said, European museums usually cost around $15 to visit, with some full-day tours reaching over $100.

Other Expenses

Apart from the travel expenses above, you may also need to budget for visas, travel insurance, recreational shopping, and emergency money.

How Much Will This Cost?

Assuming you are on a mid-budget, want to visit 2–3 countries, and wish to stay for a month, you'll need a budget of around $8,000. This will allow you to eat 2 cheap meals a day, stay at mid-range hotels, and visit a few key sights on your travel.

However, keep in mind that the actual total cost for a one-month trip to Europe will differ from person to person and country to country and that Eastern Europe is notably cheaper than Western Europe.

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