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Travel and Cashback: How to Save Money on Your Hotel StaysSaving money is the name of the game when it comes to traveling, especially if you find yourself often adventuring around the world. Rewards systems and cashback programs are a few of the most significant drawing factors that bring travelers to any particular online travel agency., one of the largest online booking agencies, has a unique rewards system that rewards travelers the more they use the website, along with various other methods of saving some of your hard-earned cash. Subscribe to's Rewards Program makes use of a unique, 3-tiered rewards system called genesis. By signing up for the rewards program, travelers are presented with various rewards, depending on their genesis level. Rewards and reward tiers are structured as follows: Genius Level 1Genius Level 2Genius Level 3RequirementsUnlocks automatically upon signing upUnlocks after staying for 5 stays in a 2-year periodUnlocks after staying 15 stays in a 2-year periodBooking discount10%10% - 15%10% - 20%Eligible for free breakfast NoYesYesEligible for free room upgradesNoYesYesDedicated booking supportNoNoYes To take advantage of the Genius loyalty program, all you need to do is head over to the website or install the app, and sign up using your email and credentials. Your discount will be automatically added to participating stays. In the case that you are receiving a reward for your credit card, the reward will be sent 30 - 60 days after you checkout from your stay. Rewards sent you your wallet will be sent immediately after you have checked out. » not for you? Check out our comparison of Priceline and Agoda Use 3rd-Party Cashback Services Although the rewards system is indeed a "genius" way to save on your travel costs, the website doesn't offer cashback on your bookings. To receive a cashback reward you will need to make use of a third-party cashback service, such as a credit card or cashback website. Credit Card Visa is well known for offering their customers cashback rewards for purchases, and this privilege includes bookings on Websites Cashback websites are becoming more popular as consumers hunt for deals across the internet. If you are wanting to earn cashback with, then making your bookings through Cashyo will give you a 4% cashback on all your purchases. » Earn up to 4% cashback from Make Use of's Price Match Feature Another great way to save money on your hotel stays is through's price match feature. In a nutshell, this feature guarantees that is the cheapest place for you to book a particular stay. If you find your desired stay cheaper on another site, guarantees that they will match the cheaper price. To take advantage of this feature, you will need to make your booking and then report the cheaper price to Once they have received and confirmed the cheaper listing, a discount will be received on your stay. You are eligible to claim this booking anytime up to 24 hours before your booked stay. Other Tips for Saving Money on Hotel Bookings Although cashback and rewards programs are great ways to save cash on hotel stays, there are other things you can do to lighten the load on your wallet: Be flexible with your dates: When possible, remain flexible with your dates. It's always a good idea to check the prices for your stay a few days before and an after your favored stay. You may find that prices are significantly cheaper on variating days.Book early and keep checking: When you find a good deal on a stay, it might be a good idea to book early. Many hotels on offer free cancellations. Keep an eye on the listings, and if a cheaper stay comes up, cancel your first one and jump on the better deal.Combine deals with credit cards: Most credit card companies offer some sort of cashback/ points rewards system for using them when booking flights and hotel rooms. Use these cards to earn double rewards when booking through sites like and use travel-booking apps: Most travel agencies will offer a discount or added rewards to those who make use of their mobile apps. Take note of the offerings from your favorite online travel agency. » Didn't find what you're looking for? Try out instead Conclusion Traveling is expensive, but it doesn't need to be as expensive as you think. By taking advantage of cashback programs and rewards systems, booking a holiday through sites like doesn't need to break the bank.
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International shoppingTop 7 Chinese Shopping Websites for ElectronicsTurn just about any electronic product around to look at the label and you will likely see "Made in China". According to Henry Yeung from the National University of Singapore, China is estimated to manufacture more than half of the world's electronics. For this reason, whether you own an e-commerce store, are shopping for pleasure, or are simply looking for new suppliers, it's always cheaper to avoid "middlemen" and go to the source. As they produce the majority of the world's electronics, it's a no-brainer to do your online electronics shopping from a Chinese electronics website. » Worried about scams? Read our guide to finding the best deals on AliExpress A Quick Look at Our Top 7 AliExpress: Best for product diversityMiniIntheBox: Best product choice and site navigationBangGood: Cheapest deliveryGearBest: Best customer serviceFocalPrice: Most unique productsGeekBuying: Fastest shippingLightInTheBox: Best for rewards and discounts 1. AliExpress Best for: Product diversity ProsMassive diversity of productsCountless suppliersFree shipping on many productsDirect contact with suppliersNo minimum order requirementsConsDifficult to tell counterfeit products from originalsDeal with 3rd-parties middlemen instead of wholesalersPainstaking returns processSlow shipping times Shipping and Fees There is no setup fee to use Aliexpress, all you will need to do is register with your email and pay for the products and shipping methods you choose. This makes the site perfect for gifts and AliExpress gift cards. If you are shipping from an international warehouse, customs fees may need to be manually paid, unless your shipping option has this covered for you. If you live in an area that has a warehouse, you will be subject to a free return on problematic products, provided you can deliver the item to the corresponding location. If there are no local warehouses, or your return is later than 15 days, the shipping will need to be covered by the customer. » Get cashback from AliExpress 2. MiniInTheBox Best for: Product choice and site navigation ProsWide variety of electronic productsEasy return policy for damaged itemsSimple to navigate and make purchasesEarn an automatic 1% back on every purchaseConsMixed reviews about customer serviceAn extensive list of unreturnable itemsReturned items will need to be shipped to China at the customer's costProducts are of mixed qualityDifficult to distinguish between legitimate and fake products Shipping and Fees MiniInTheBox ships worldwide and to nearly every country on the globe. Because of this, the shipping fees can significantly differ, depending on your delivery address. Shipping insurance and duty and tax insurance can also be added to your orders at an additional cost (this will differ according to the product and shipping destination). In the case that you are charged tax upon the arrival of your product, and you have purchased tax insurance, MiniInTheBox will provide you with a 100% tax refund. » Get cashback from MiniInTheBox 3. BangGood Best for: Cheap delivery ProsMultiple warehouses around the globe provide faster and cheaper deliveriesMore secure than online stores that sell from 3rd-partiesOver 40 payment options, including cash on deliveryAutomatic loyalty programConsSometimes slow to respond to customer serviceUnpredictable shipping costsSmaller variety of productsItems are returned at the customer's cost Shipping and Fees BangGood offers free shipping to some, but not all countries. They do not specify which countries or regions this is available to, and it comes down to the product you have chosen and the nearest warehouse. A dropshipping program is also offered with no membership fee, where dropshippers will receive a 5% - 20% discount on some items. » Get cashback from BangGood 4. GearBest Best for: Prompt customer service ProsShips to most countriesMultiple shipping optionsCheaper than other online storesPrompt customer serviceConsSlow delivery timeComplicated and unreliable returns policySome complaints about accounts being closed and money/loyalty points lost Shipping and Fees GearBest is another Chinese online store that offers electronics at meager rates. They provide multiple shipping options, which, in some cases, are free. Standard shipping does not include tracking, but the additional cost of express shipping comes with tracking options. GearBest takes zero responsibility for import tax, and this will be up to the customer to deal with. That said, some express shipping countries will calculate your import tax into the pricing. » Get cashback from GearBest 5. FocalPrice Best for: Unique products ProsInteresting and unique productsCheaper than similar competitorsConsInconsistent customer serviceUnreliable delivery timesRefunds and returns can be difficultOnly has warehouses in Hong Kong Shipping and Fees As with most online stores, the shipping costs of FocalPrice differ, depending on where you'll be shipping to. Since the company only has warehouses in Hong Kong, the shipping fees can be expected to be higher than other online stores with local distribution locations. As for returns, FocalPrice requires customers to pay for return shipping, regardless of who was in the wrong. Although they will cover the shipping cost of getting the new or repaired item to you, the return shipping can easily surpass the cost of the original item. » Get cashback from FocalPrice 6. GeekBuying Best for: Fast shipping ProsLocal warehouses provide fast shippingLow shipping fees for local deliveriesFocuses on electronicsConsProduct quality can varyWebsite limits low-rating reviewsRefunds and returns can be difficult Shipping and Fees GeekBuying specializes in electronics, making them cheaper than many of their competitors. With multiple global warehouses, Geekbuying offers free shipping for products delivered from local warehouses. For incorrect, damaged, or otherwise unwanted goods, the shipping costs of returning the item is on the customer; however, Geekbuying will cover the return shipping of your replacement product. » Get cashback from GeekBuying 7. LightInTheBox Best for: Rewards and discounts ProsLarge product rangeOptions for slow, yet cheap shippingFriendly and helpful customer serviceConsProduct quality can vary greatlyRefunds and returns are expensive and not always honoredShipping is often slower than indicatedThe site is not 100% user-friendly Shipping and Fees Apart from expected shipping fees, LightInTheBox does not have any additional costs. That said, there are multiple shipping options at checkout, some of which are slower, cheaper, and non-inclusive of tracking. Additionally, all return shipping is at the cost of the customer, unless parcel insurance has been purchased at checkout. VAT and import tax are also the customer's responsibility; however, import insurance can be purchased to streamline this process. What makes LighInTheBox stand out is its unique VIP program, where customers can pay an annual membership fee for additional discounts, account managers, free samples, and more. There are four tiers of the VIP membership at the following costs: Gold: $20Platinum: $50Business: $100Diamond: $150 » Get cashback from LightInTheBox Final Thoughts Going directly to a Chinese online store is often the cheapest way to get new electronics delivered anywhere in the world. That said, convenience and product diversity remains major drawing points, which is why it's often worth browsing for the cheapest Chinese sites for quality goods and services.
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International shoppingBuying AliExpress Electronics: How to Spot a Good DealWith nearly all electronics sold worldwide originally coming from China, it's not hard to believe that you'll also be getting the best deals on your favorite gadgets by purchasing them directly from Chinese e-commerce stores rather than from traditional retailers in the US or UK. Arguably the most popular of these e-commerce platforms is AliExpress. Owned by retail and tech giant Alibaba Group, AliExpress sees over half a billion visitors each month. While many deals on AliExpress appear to be good, it's often difficult to tell what's really good due to the number of scammers selling fake or defective products on the platform. Thankfully, we've got you covered. » Looking for more tech deals? Check out the cheapest Chinese sites for quality products The Problem With AliExpress Deals It's important to understand that AliExpress isn't a merchant that buys and sells the products itself—AliExpress is merely a marketplace connecting thousands of e-commerce merchants, suppliers, and manufacturers with potential buyers. This means that you have to be extra careful when deciding who to buy from since you could easily fall into scams or sketchy deals if you're not careful (the same happens on other websites like eBay and Amazon). Even with the extra vigilance required, AliExpress is still the premier platform for you to find great deals on basically anything. Here are our top tips for spotting great electronics deals on AliExpress. 5 Tips for Spotting Great Electronics Deals on AliExpress 1. Compare the Prices on Different Platforms If you ever see a product you like at what seems to be a great price, first take a moment to cross-check the price with more sellers, other platforms, and the manufacturer's MSRP. Just because it has a "sale" tag and a big discount compared to the original price, merchants can lie about the original price. AliExpress usually has sellers with the best prices, but be sure by checking other e-commerce stores like DHGate and BangGood, or even your local retailers. Remember to factor in shipping costs and other fees. If it's still the cheapest on AliExpress, be sure to use your common sense to determine if the price isn't too low. Extremely low prices may be indicative of fake or defective products. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 2. Assess the Ratings, Reviews, and Sales A great feature of AliExpress is the review and rating system where people who have purchased the product from the seller previously can leave feedback. A high number of good reviews matching healthy sales figures are a sign of a good deal and often earns the seller an AliExpress "Top Brand" badge. When looking at an individual merchant, you should check if they have good ratings on their other products too, while new sellers with little to no reviews and sales should be treated with suspicion. As you can see below, the particular product has over 5,000 reviews and an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars, while the seller has over 300,000 followers and the Top Brand badge, so we can assume that the great 56% off deal is legit. 3. Watch Out for Hidden Charges While a merchant may display a low price on the product page, they often use shady tactics to boost the price when you check out. Always review the total amount just before you pay, since you might miss the add-ons. Some common tactics used are high insurance costs, expensive shipping, or other similar unnecessary fees. While you will still need to pay shipping and insurance (which could be higher depending on the region you live in), it shouldn't make a game-changing difference to the overall cost. If the product's price is still low after such fees, then you might still be good to go ahead and complete the purchase. Just be aware that sellers who resort to such shady practices on pricing may be committing similar acts elsewhere (such as shipping low-quality, defective, or fake products). 4. Check the Seller Guarantees To combat fraud and scams, AliExpress created the Buyer Protection program. Some of the guarantees included are on-time delivery, product-as-described, no-questions-asked domestic returns, and guaranteed genuine. If a seller has any or all of these listed on the product page (or their merchant page), then you can buy from them with ease of mind that you're covered for any eventualities where the product doesn't arrive on time, isn't what you paid for, you don't want it anymore (if it's unopened and unused), or is counterfeit. 5. Use a Price Tracker The best way to spot good deals is to have a price tracker do it for you. Services like AliPrice and Pricearchive let you check an individual product's price history and see if you're getting a good deal or if you should rather wait before purchasing. They also offer handy features such as price drop notifications and price comparisons across other Chinese e-commerce stores. Don't Get Scammed By AliExpress Sellers If you ever do get scammed by an AliExpress seller, you don't have to fret. AliExpress' Buyer Protection program is available for such situations and you can easily get your money refunded. So while you may have heard of unhappy customers who bought from AliExpress, with some common sense and our tips you'll be getting great electronics deals in no time at all without having to worry about losing out. » Earn up to 9% cash back from AliExpress with CashYo
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CashbackAliExpress Gift Cards: How to Use & Earn Cash BackEstablished in 2010 by the Alibaba Group, AliExpress is a Chinese online retail website that has established itself as one of the biggest online marketplaces globally. Customers can buy inexpensive and hard-to-find items in both retail and bulk quantities through the website. With over 9.5 million products from more than 10,000 Chinese exporters and manufacturers, it's no wonder that AliExpress is the trusted online shopping destination of millions of shoppers from over 200 countries worldwide! The site has some convenient features, which this article will explore. Let's dive in! » Interested in great products at cheap prices? Discover the cheapest Chinese shopping websites for quality products Types of AliExpress Gift Cards and Deals Gift Cards for AliExpress An AliExpress gift card would be the perfect present for friends and family who love to shop online. AliExpress has a vast selection of items from clothing and accessories to electronics and household goods, so anyone can find something they love. AliExpress offers gift cards for specific stores listed on the site as well as general gift cards used on any AliExpress store (though these haven't been available in a while). Plus, using the gift card is easy, so your recipient can start shopping immediately. There is also no expiration date on the card, allowing them to shop whenever they please. Coupons and Promo Codes Coupons and promo codes for AliExpress can be found on partner websites such as LA Times and, as well as directly on AliExpress. These offers usually change monthly, so we recommend you check for them regularly! The codes, which AliExpress provides, are tested daily and can be used for mixed product orders from multiple stores, regardless of the seller. When using a promo code, all you have to do is select a coupon from your desired site and copy the code. When you shop at AliExpress, simply paste the code you wish to use on the dedicated space upon checkout. Your discount or free shipping voucher will then be applied to your order! AliExpress offers a wide range of discounts, such as $1 to $2 coupons for new users and discount codes that go as high as 50% or 60% off on bulk purchases! Lucky shoppers may also chance upon flash deals with discounts of up to 99% off. Shipping discounts are also offered often, so watch out for those coupons to save on shipping costs regularly. Earn Cashback With AliExpress Gift Cards In addition to purchasing items with AliExpress gift cards and coupons, shoppers can earn cashback rewards on every order they place. Earning cash back on AliExpress also saves customers money when shopping online, as the rewards can be used to purchase items from other online stores and merchants. When you shop with CashYo, you can get money back on your purchases and earn as much as 9% cashback! For example, buying a cellphone using CashYo on AliExpress can earn you as much as 3% of your purchase amount back. CashYo works by sharing commissions earned from online stores with its users every time they shop, paying the money right back to shoppers' bank accounts or PayPal. You can also enjoy: 99.5 % Reliability on Transactions No need to worry about payment issues, frauds, or technical glitches; CashYo has you coveredSure Cashback Payment Stores approve cashback within 60 days, but users typically receive their rewards much earlier!Fast Tracking Speed 12-hour tracking on average for all ordersWorldwide Shipping Enjoy free shipping from most stores, and get your orders delivered to your doorstep Here's what you need to get started with CashYo: Sign up for a free account on CashYoSign in before each shopping session and browse through thousands of stores and productsOpen the stores through the links provided on CashYoShop as usual—and start cashing out once you've reached $50 on your CashYo account! Pro tip: Confirm receipt of your order once you've inspected it, and get your rewards sooner. CashYo is an easy way to get the most out of your shopping experience on AliExpress and receive additional discounts or rewards on top of already existing promotions. So why not cash out today? Try CashYo now, and earn extra money back on every purchase!
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ReviewsMyUS Review—Is MyUS Reliable for Safe Shipping?Online shopping has grown in popularity, with many retailers offering irresistible products and offers. But what happens if you want to buy from U.S. stores like Barnes & Noble, Kylie Cosmetics, or Net-a-Porter, which don't ship internationally? A third-party company is the best solution. Package forwarding companies like MyUS help get your purchases across international borders legally and safely. Here’s everything you need to know about this platform so that you can make the most informed decision. MyUS Pros & Cons ProsReasonable pricesEasy signupFast shipping processesReliable customer serviceConsHidden chargesSlow response times » Earn cashback from MyUS Key Features of MyUS MyUS has been serving shoppers since 1997. The effortless processing of international orders and good customer service has made the company a popular choice. Here are some of its key features: Shipping Locations MyUS can ship almost anywhere in the world aside from the US and the UK. It serves over 220 countries and territories, including: Hong KongMaldivesAustraliaJapanAngolaCanadaUnited Arab EmiratesSouth AfricaIndiaAnd more Shipping Times All shipping requests are processed within 2-3 business days, and depending on your location, you can expect your package in 1-2 weeks. If you’re in a rush, you can expedite your shipping request at an extra charge. International priority delivery takes 1-4 days, and economy shipping 7–10 days after your order arrives at the MyUS warehouse. Customer Service If you encounter any problems, MyUS agents will be ready to answer your questions quickly and efficiently by assigning a representative to handle your order and answer any questions you have. The buying assistant can also make purchases for you. MyUS can sometimes take up to two days to respond. But, although slow, the customer service representatives always assist you with any problems. MyUS Pricing MyUS doesn’t have standard pricing. You can use the shipping calculator provided to estimate shipping costs. Pricing is straightforward since costs are calculated based on shipping destination and package weight, not dimensions. Then again, this process is limited to goods smaller than 72 inches. MyUS also allows consolidating multiple packages to save on shipping costs. Be wary of hidden charges. MyUS claims its charges are based exclusively on weight. However, based on its disclaimer, oversized goods larger than 72 inches are actually charged on dimensional weight. International vs. Domestic Shipping Domestic shipping is, of course, cheaper and faster than international shipping. With MyUS, you can quickly ship packages from the US to states within the country. To get an estimate, use the same calculator. Just beware that some states can levy a sales tax. For instance, Florida sales tax might apply to your order and must be paid at the time of shipment. Duties and taxes may also be applicable depending on the country of destination. These costs are not included in your MyUS invoice; you must pay them when your order arrives in your country. Shipping Insurance Even if the company hardly ever reports a missing or damaged shipment, it's best to insure your package so that you can file a claim in the event of loss or damages. You can add it during the checkout process. Final Verdict: Is MyUS Suitable For Safe Shopping? With over 20 years in the business, it’s safe to say that MyUS is a reliable and safe package forwarding service. Customers around the globe have been using its services and are generally pleased. While there may be a few mishaps here and there, the customer service is reliable and will help ease any frustration. » Save up to 80% on MyUS with CashYo FAQs Is MyUS insured? All shipments on MyUS are insured for the total price of your items. Be sure to add insurance to the checkout process to avoid the effects of loss or damages. How long does it take to ship from MyUS? All shipping requests are processed within 2-3 business days, and depending on your location, you can expect your package in 1-2 weeks. Does MyUS offer refunds? As listed by the MyUS terms & conditions: "Upon cancellation, Members will receive a prorated refund on the unused portion of their annual membership charge"
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International shopping13 Cheapest Chinese Shopping Websites for Quality ProductsWhen buying products from local stores near you, you're often buying products that store imported from China. With Chinese products increasing in quality by the day, you likely can't tell the difference between imported and locally-made. Going directly to the supplier using a Chinese e-commerce store is a great way to save money and get cashback at the same time! Here are the 14 cheapest Chinese shopping websites that sell everything under the sun and more. A Quick Look at Our Top 13 AliExpress: Best product diversityBanggood: Best customer supportDHgate: Best for small-to-medium businessesGeekbuying: Best for getting gadgets delivered fastDealextreme: Best for daily tech and gadget dealsGearbest: Best for all kinds of home gadgetsROMWE: Best for fashion targeting the younger generationShein: Cheapest fashion for all agesNewchic: Best fashion cosmetics and décorTidebuy: Best for wedding fashionStrawberryNET: Best for diverse cosmetics and perfumeSamsonite: Best for quality luggageSmartBuyGlasses: Best for designer-quality eyeglasses 1. AliExpress Best for: Product diversity ProsGreat for buying individual items or smaller quantitiesEscrow service availableHuge variety of productsConsDealing with middlemen and not directly with manufacturersPricing is higher than wholesale websitesHard to distinguish legit products from counterfeits AliExpress is undeniably the king of Chinese online shopping. Owned by Alibaba Group, China's e-commerce giant, AliExpress is offered as a store for individual items or small wholesale lots straight to the customer, and sell products in every category from fashion to gadgets to sports equipment. Shipping and Fees AliExpress ships worldwide, with most products shipping for free. Customers must beware of customs fees when importing products from stores like AliExpress unless they're shipping from local warehouses. » Earn cash back from AliExpress 2. Banggood Best for: Customer support ProsSafer and more secure shopping with peace of mindWell-rated and long-standing retailerFree shipping for orders over $50ConsMore expensive than the big competitionSmaller variety of products than some competitorsSome customers recently reported issues claiming warranties Banggood is an online retail website for buying gadgets, electronics, and home goods. Banggood is focused on providing a better service and user experience to the customer since they'll be dealing directly with the platform instead of third-party sellers who may sell counterfeit, defective, or scam items. Shipping As with most Chinese e-commerce stores, Banggood ships to major regions like North America, Europe, and Asia. Shipping is slightly more expensive than the competition, but this is because their shipping service is much better, and even offers free shipping for orders over $50. » Earn cash back from Banggood 3. DHgate Best for: Small-to-medium businesses ProsWide variety of products from small to medium suppliersSimplified product logistics from seller to buyerIncluded escrow serviceConsExpensive seller fees raise prices for customersMany middlemen posing as manufacturers DHgate is a trade and service platform for small to medium retailers targeting both B2B and B2C markets. Although similar to competitors like AliExpress and Banggood, it provides small and medium enterprises selling nearly every type of product a platform to connect with customers. Shipping DHgate ships worldwide through its cross-border logistics company DHLink, although it has recently become expensive shipping to regions like the EU. » Earn cash back from DHgate 4. GeekBuying Best for: Getting gadgets delivered fast ProsFast shipping from local warehouses in the EU, USA, Australia, and moreLow shipping costsWide variety of electronicsConsCustomers report shady practices (disallowing reviews under 5 stars)Customers report not receiving high-quality products and no refunds GeekBuying, as it may be obvious from the name, is an online store that focuses on "geeks" looking to buy Chinese consumer gadgets and electronics. Shipping Geekbuying ships worldwide from its various local warehouses. Shipping is free and inexpensive when shipped from a local warehouse without customs duty. » Earn cash back from GeekBuying 5. Dealextreme Best for: Daily tech and gadget deals ProsWider variety of electronics than similar gadget storesFree standard shipping on most productsDirect-to-consumer shoppingConsLong support response times (if they do respond)More expensive than competitorsLonger shipping times Dealextreme is another gadget website selling consumer electronics from China. As a B2C retailer, they sell directly to the customer through a claimed 400 suppliers. Shipping Dealextreme's shipping is usually free and offers optional expedited delivery, although online reports from customers state their orders still take very long to arrive. » Earn cash back from Dealextreme 6. Gearbest Best for: All kinds of home gadgets ProsWarehouses in major regionsGood track record (before their bankruptcy in 2021)ConsProduct variety and service quality drastically reduced after relaunchLimited product range Relaunched in 2022 after some financial trouble, Gearbest is a consumer electronics company selling various gadgets and devices as well as some home and sports items. Shipping Gearbest ships to most countries in the world (except South Sudan and Palestine) from warehouses in China, Europe, and the USA with free standard shipping or more expensive expedited shipping. » Earn cash back from Gearbest 7. ROMWE Best for: Fashion targeting the younger generations ProsResponsive and competent customer serviceGreat value for moneyWide range of chic and cute fashionConsProduct sizing and quality vary greatlyMore expensive than competitors like SHEIN ROMWE, marketed as a "cyber fashion mall", is an online fashion store and clothing brand with a massive variety of clothing and accessories that create aesthetics focused on younger generations. Shipping ROMWE offers free shipping worldwide for orders over $19, with options for faster shipping. » Earn cash back from ROMWE 8. SHEIN Best for: Cheap fashion for all ages ProsCaters to both older and younger generationsCheaper than most competitionWide variety of trends and designsConsQuestionable ethical practicesLax quality controls SHEIN is a fast fashion retailer from China offering great products at affordable prices. It offers a wide variety of colors, designs, cuts, patterns, and styles at affordable prices. Shipping SHEIN offers quick and cheap shipping worldwide, with free shipping on orders over $49. » Earn cash back from Shein 9. Newchic Best for: Fashion cosmetics and décor ProsWorks with brands to create unique clothesActive support available to resolve issuesConsMore expensive than competitorsQuality varies between products and brands Newchic is an online fashion store selling clothing, cosmetics, and even home décor. The store collaborates with several brands to promote diversity, inclusion, and creativity. Shipping Newchic offers free shipping for orders over $69.99, with inexpensive faster shipping. » Earn cash back from Newchic 10. Tidebuy Best for: Wedding fashion ProsWide variety of dresses, especially for weddingsNumerous deals and discountsConsProduct quality and design often different than shown in imagesFree shipping only over $159Difficulty obtaining refunds Tidebuy is a fashion e-commerce store with a specific focus on wedding and occasion dresses as well as wigs and shoes. Shipping Tidebuy offers free shipping over $159 with paid expedited options, but they ship from China so expect to pay customs duties as with other nonlocal websites. » Earn cash back from Tidebuy 11. StrawberryNET Best for: Diverse cosmetics and perfumes ProsUseful discount points programLow prices, even for brand namesConsWebsite is often clunky and unintuitiveColors can be inconsistent StrawberryNET is a cosmetics and perfume e-commerce store offering beauty at a discount. They stock both Asian and western brands of various products. Shipping StrawberryNET ships to over 190 countries worldwide with free shipping over $50 and options for expedited delivery. » Earn cash back from StrawberryNET 12. Samsonite Best for: Quality luggage ProsHigh-quality productsExcellent after-sales service and warrantiesConsPremium models are expensiveSome models lack modern features Samsonite is a premium luggage brand manufacturing everything from large suitcases to briefcases. Originally founded in the USA, it has since moved manufacturing to China for profitability reasons. Shipping Samsonite offers free shipping for orders over $149.99 from its US warehouse. Other countries can only receive products if they have a local Samsonite website and warehouse. » Earn cash back from Samsonite 13. SmartBuyGlasses Best for: Designer-quality eyeglasses ProsGood service that is well-rated by customersVirtual Try-On makes it easy to see how a frame looks on your faceAffordable pricing for quality eyewearConsStock tracking is sometimes inconsistentShipping times from China are overpromised SmartBuyGlasses sells prescription eyewear straight without requiring customers to pay high optometrist fees. Offering everything from designer frames to contact lenses, the company focuses on making quality eye care affordable. Shipping SmartBuyGlasses generally offers free shipping from 4 warehouses in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA, although it appears most products ship from the Asian warehouse in China. » Earn cash back from SmartBuyGlasses Final Thoughts If you're looking at importing Chinese products to save some cash, then the e-commerce space is the place to be. The hardest part will be to decide which website to choose. Remember to order through CashYo where you can get cashback on orders from all of the above websites and more.