Missing Cashback inquiry

As your purchase didn't track automatically, this now becomes a manual process.

To help us process your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible we will require certain information from your email confirmation receipt, please have this to hand when submitting a claim.

A few tips before we start:

Requests can be submitted 48 hours after the purchase is completed and the order confirmation is received from the store, sometimes stores are delayed by reporting to us and the cashbacks are registered every day after purchase.

Requests can only be submitted for retailers that you've visited in the last 60 days.

Rebates are calculated without shipping fees, various taxes, conversion fees and insurance fees.

The request is sent to the store up to 30 days after it is served. Please bare with us as we are trying to get back the rebate.

We are committed to do our best helping you get what you deserve. our goal is to have the rebate accepted. However, the retailer's decision is final, and if the request is denied, we will not be able to request again.

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claim submitted successfully