Online Shopping Tips You’re Not Taking Advantage Of (Yet)

Posted by Rotem Kaplan posted on November 24, 2022

Besides the obvious comfort of being able to do everything from your computer, the satisfaction of avoiding long lines and traffic, and the luxury of having all sizes and colors at your disposal, online shopping has some additional, significant advantages. 

We’ve decided to share with you some lesser-known tips that have saved us plenty of time and money.

You can think of this as your essential guide to saving money while shopping online. 

Utilize price tracking.

It’s no secret that big online retailers tend to “adjust” the prices of their products. Online marketplaces like Amazon have constant price fluctuations in their products. Your goal is to get the item at its lowest. For this reason, price tracking websites like Camelcamelcamel are fantastic. You have access to the entire price history of a product, assisting you in making an informed decision about if it’s worth purchasing now or putting it off for a bit longer.

Take advantage of price comparison.

Planning on purchasing an item that’s sold by multiple retailers? Take advantage of price comparison sites like Google Shopping or use our very own search bar to find the best deal for the item you're searching for. Compare a range of options that different retailers are selling and receive Cashback as well!

Use coupon code finders.

Make the most of the myriad of voucher codes and promos floating around in the cyber-verse by signing up for coupon code finders. You can get access to all the coupons from sites offering Cashback on our coupon page

Subscribe and join rewards programs.

Most websites offer first-time purchase discount codes for your first order once you register and become a member. Normally you’ll get a notification as soon as you enter the website, but sometimes you need to take a quick scan of the site. So don’t miss out on a great deal, and take the few steps required to sign up! If you don’t plan on shopping on the site again you can easily unsubscribe at a later date.

Sort by “Percent Off”.

This may indeed be an obvious one, but it needed to be mentioned. If you want to uncover some hard-to-come-by, affordable gems, sort your search by “Percent Off” and peruse away.

Maximize rebates (aka CashYo).

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention possibly the best money-saving method on online shopping. Rebates! And plenty of them! If you aren’t already taking advantage of the means to get cash back on your online purchases, sign up to CashYo now!