Forget Gift Cards: Gift an Experience This Holiday Season

Posted by Rotem Kaplan posted on November 9, 2022

Learning Italian, taking a ceramics class, skydiving, seeing a stand-up show. 

They say experiences are the gifts that will keep on giving. Whether it leaves you with a fond memory, a new set of skills, or just fresh perspective, there’s no doubt that experiences are valuable, as they are irreplaceable.
Research has shown that experiences bring people more happiness than possessions. And who doesn’t want to be gifted happiness? 
Whether you’re shopping for your friend, your boss, a parent, or your significant other, it’s always great to think outside the box. Shopping for presents can be stressful and mentally draining. Having to consider every individual’s particular taste, if they already own an item, if someone else might be buying them the same item, all the while hoping that at the end of the day they enjoy your gift, and don’t end up returning it – or even worse, re-gifting it – is no easy task.

We’ve put together a few unique ideas to assist you in your search for a standout gift this season. 

Online Courses & Lessons

No doubt there is something you’ve been wanting to try out but have been putting it off for whatever reason. Maybe you’re interested in learning Chinese but haven’t found a teacher yet. Or you’ve been wanting to learn Python but haven’t carved out the time for it. Maybe you want to pick up some cooking skills, but just don’t know where to begin. What better way of helping your loved ones cross off an item on their bucket list, than by gifting them an online lesson or a course? You can find coding lessons, vocal coaching, music lessons, video game coaching, dance lessons, baking lessons, and practically every other type of thing you could think of on Fiverr. The wide range of prices and options allows you to keep things budget-friendly, while choosing the most suitable gift for your loved one.   

Shows & Event Tickets

Is your friend a Broadway lover? A huge Harry Styles fan? Or maybe they could just really use a fun night out. Check out what stand-up comics are coming to your town and purchase a couple tickets to a show. Whether you’re looking for dance shows, opera, ice shows, musicals, or a music concert, you can find all the upcoming concerts and shows on Ticketmaster and TicketNetwork. Is your friend an avid sports fan? Check out Sportsevents365 where you can find tickets to any sports event you’re looking for. 

Vacations & Trips

You might be thinking, “I don’t have the money for that”, but it’s worth a quick scan to see if you can find some budget-friendly deals. Even If your budget is on the smaller side, consider gifting a vacation for that special someone this season. You’d be surprised at the low prices you can find for some destinations. Sites like Booking, Kiwi, Agoda, and Expedia are great places to find cheap travel deals that would make the perfect gift this holiday season. Or splurge and spoil your loved one with a weekend at the Hilton or Marriott

And a couple more ideas...

If you’re looking for something with a little extra twist, we found a few other unique ideas that we’d be remiss if we didn’t share with you. If you’re shopping for a fashionista, or just a friend in need of a wardrobe upgrade, they might enjoy a personal styling session. Got a friend that loves board games? Get them a custom board game made uniquely for them. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more sentimental, you can order a song written specifically for the individual you have in mind. Don't wrack your brain too much. Take a peek at Fiverr and Etsy to view a myriad of unique options to choose from.