Aliexpress Shopping Guide

Aliexpress is one of the leading websites for online purchase of goods from different suppliers. It is just like ebay, only focused on the Chinese market - an abundant source of varied goods, at prices much cheaper than those customary in Europe and the USA.

Are there any issues with overseas orders from Aliexpress?

Defective products, orders that failed to arrive and inadequate customer service are problems that were common to many online purchases at the beginning, and not only at Aliexpress. Almost every webstore would receive many complaints, refund requests and demand for better customer service.

Aliexpress is one of the biggest websites in the world to revolutionalise service awareness, reliability and stability of online purchase and transparency towards customers all over the world. Nowadays, when you make a purchase at amazon, ebay, or Aliexpress, you have a number of security levels and tools to protect you, with no effort on your side.

The massive online store - Aliexpress - withholds payment from sellers for the products you purchased until you approve you have received the product, the way you expected it to arrive (if you do not do so, Aliexpress will give you 60 days at their own expense before transferring the money to the seller in order to protect your purchase and to guarantee a refund or compensation in case you require it). We will go over a few tips that will help you become "smart shoppers".

Smart online shoppers get rewarded!

When shopping at the various online stores (and of course at Aliexpress), after having registered to CashYo, you are already making money because you have guaranteed yourself a refund. In order not to get tricked and to be sure in the different steps of ordering at Aliexpress, pay attention closely:

On every product page you can find the seller– the name of the shop (virtually mostly) which provides the goods. We recommend you pick products from shops with seniority, high ranking, some backround information and good reviews. Of course you should also consider the reviews and ranking of the product itself. The more you buy at shops with high ranking, pick products with high ranking and a large number of orders, the lower is the chance of getting disappointed.

Secure payment saves you concern – Aliexpress supports the international Paypal service. This is a service which allows you to enter your credit card details only once and from that moment on never expose them to any shop. Paypal is a mediator between you and the shop and keeps your credit card details safe.
Aliexpress also launched the "Alipay" service – a paypal competitor that has the advantage of not charging a funds transfer fee.


How long will it take the Aliexpress delivery to arrive?

Is it really that fast? The issue of delivery has also been an obstacle in the past, delaying reciept of online orders in general and from China in particular. The old delivery methods couldn’t keep up with the growing volume of consumers and delays of 2-4 months in the delivery of products overseas were not a rare case. Nowadays, with the establishment of logistic centers around the world, there has been real improvement in efficiency of deliveries and online tracking of these orders. Some products may get to you as quick as 2 weeks from the time of your order.

Grouping orders with similar estimated delivery time - note that the shops on Aliexpress will always provide you with an expected delivery time. Because most products come with free shipping, it's recommended to group deliveries of products with similar expected delivery time (all products that are supposed to be delivered to you within two weeks in one delivery, all the products that are expected within 30 days in seperate delivery, and so on).

Focus your shopping with one supplier – Another way speed-up delivery is to order your products from the same supplier. This way you can get the products quicker on the one hand. On the other hand, note that the price of the product at one supplier may jump by hundreds of percents with a second supplier.

Aliexpress Facebook Groups -  you can find a number of official private Aliexpress groups, alongside hundreds of active online groups that have been working over the past years on recommendations, finding bargings and sharing useful links to Aliexpress. Everyone wins here – the consumers gain exposure to products and different promotions and recommenders get rewarded for this advertising. Because of this reward, you should sometimes be cautious when relying on recommendations and not trust a single review or recommendation that appears too good to be true. Original Nike/reebok/skechers shoes will not be that much cheaper on Aliexpress than other places (alongside Hike/Rebok/skochers that will look the same and cost substantially less- but that is their appeal).

What do we do if a delivery does not arrive? Aliexprss provides you with a few tools to deal with the situation:          

Open a Dispute – You can do this with any product out of your Aliexpress orders. When you open a dispute of this kind, you can basically report your dissatisfaction with an order or purchase. Usually, you will get a fast response and/or a new delivery and/or a refund.

Contacting Customer Service – mention your order number, name and details as they appear on the order and describe the issue you've encountered. You may also chat with a representative during the customer service activity hours.