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Viktorija Cosic


Languages, Writing, Proofreading


Master's Degree in Second Language Acquisition from University of Belgrade


Viktorija Cosic is a skilled writer, linguist, and Second Language Acquisition expert. With a Master's Degree in Second Language Acquisition, she possesses a deep understanding of effective communication and language learning methodologies. Her proficiency extends to freelance proofreading, specializing in English and Italian texts. Looking forward, Viktorija aims to explore translation, utilizing her strong language foundation to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and bridge linguistic gaps. Her academic journey, marked by a commitment to linguistic principles and teaching methods, fuels her passion for facilitating effective communication. Through her freelance endeavors, she has finely tuned her teaching and proofreading skills. Viktorija's future vision involves harnessing her love for languages to become a conduit for intercultural dialogue and unity.

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